Mon 7 Sep 08:52:19 EDT 2020

Mon 7 Sep 08:52:19 EDT 2020

Tue 1 Sep 22:09:04 EDT 2020

hi, ok, so, the script is now online. You can read more about how this site works and get the script to run a site like this yourself at script.html. Thanks bye.

Tue 1 Sep 21:27:36 EDT 2020

ok looks like escaping / slashes works. Woohoo! Again, script coming shortly.

Tue 1 Sep 21:23:39 EDT 2020

hi, welcome to This site runs on a bash script to be posted shortly. The most recent test content/shitposts are in the archive above. This is also a test of whether escaping slashes in content to be uploaded works....